The Office of the Maine State Treasurer announced Wednesday that there's a lot of unclaimed property out there for Mainers.

Right now, the Maine Treasurer is holding onto more than $260.9 million worth of unclaimed property for Maine residents.

Unclaimed property is monetary assets that are abandoned or lost that can come from bank accounts, uncashed checks, life insurance policies, unpaid wages, stocks, refunds and even safety deposit box contents.  These items usually have a period of time they are held before it is considered 'unclaimed'.

The State of Maine Treasurer E.M. Beck, Esq. states that this has been a record year of unclaimed property being returned to the citizens of the State of Maine for this fiscal year.  It has already paid out over $17 million to 30,527 owners.

Here is Beck's comment about the pandemic and the Treasurers Office:

"During this difficult time in our state, it's great to know we have been able to continue to return money to Mainers who rely on these payments to live each day. Our office has remained fully functional throughout the pandemic and will continue to seek out and return property to rightful owners."


Take a look at the list of unclaimed property at the dedicated website at:

The website gives you instructions on how to claim your money but you can also call 207-624-7470 if you need help with the process.

It is easy and free to file a claim. To file a claim, go to and follow the easy to use instructions or call 207-624-7470 for assistance.

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