Check out this video captured in Old Town recently. Old Town Police Department shared a video on their Facebook page of a deer rescue in an Old Town resident's pool.

The video looks like it was taken from a home cam pointed in the direction of the pool and it just happened to capture an intense situation of a stranded deer that is stuck in the pool and a courageous member of the Old Town Public Safety department working calmly to direct the young deer out of this distressing situation.

How it all went down

It's hard to see the deer at first due to the camera's vantage point but as the video rolls on you can see the deer innately trying to free itself from the lasso of the Public Safety woman's tool. She continues to keep her distance from the kicking deer while trying to maintain control of directing the deer to the edge of the pool with hopes that the deer has the energy and fortitude to help itself up onto the poolside deck.

Eventually, we see the final seconds of the deer climbing up and out of the pool. We are left with some relief for the homeowner and the Public Safety official.

Shared on social media

In the post shared by the Old Town Police Department, the Old Town resident whose pool is the location of distress for this poor deer was so grateful for the work done by Old Town Public Safety.

Here's what went down according to the post to Facebook shared by the Old Town Police Department by the citizen in need of assistance with this deer situation:

“I don't know what I would do without Old Town Public Safety. Todays dilemma began when I had deer eating my shrubs on my front lawn. I went out on the front porch and shooed them off and heard a splash in my pool. 😭 Oh no... I look out the back and I have a deer splashing around. I can't get him out and call 911. Game warden is in Ellsworth... He calls Old Town PD. Catie Denning comes by and I steer the deer her way and she gets it out! Unbelievable!!!...”

Kudos to Old Town Public Safety

Great job to Old Town Public Safety lady, Catie Denning! Glad to know our citizens, human and not, are in good hands :)

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