Happy Father's Day! On Sunday (June 20), stars paid tribute to their fathers on social media and spent the day showing all the dads out there some love.

Drake shared a photo of him and his 3-year-old son Adonis. He also promoted his father's new single, "Father and Son," which came out just in time for the holiday. The single artwork featured photos of Drake as a child with his dad.

"My dad just dropped a song on OVO SOUND for Father's Day, LEGENDDDDDD!" Drake captioned the post.

Jessica Biel shared sweet photos of her husband Justin Timberlake with their family. She shared her gratitude for his understanding even in funny situations.

"Baby, you are the moon, the stars and the sour cream pound cake of my life," she captioned the snapshots. "You put a roof over our heads, and then fix it when the homemade rocket goes terribly wrong. You put food on the table, so the baby can throw it under the table. You let us use the couch as an indoor trampoline even though we have one outside. You love the noise and the chaos of it all even though you’ve worked all night [and] are trying to sleep."

Miley Cyrus wrote a witty note to her father along with throwback photos of the pair over the years, including a Hannah Montana screenshot.

"HAPPY DADDYS DAY LEGEND! @billyraycyrus thanks for teaching me the true meaning of a mullet," she wrote.

Robert Irwin paid tribute to his father, the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

"I’m so lucky to have had a superhero for a dad," he tweeted. "One of the things I’m most thankful for was the passion for wildlife that he instilled in me at such a young age."

Tom Felton showed love to his real-life father along with his on-screen Harry Potter father, Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs).

Meghan Trainor paid tribute to her husband Daryl Sabara. The couple welcomed their first child, Riley, on February 8.

"I got to watch you become a father this year and it was beyond beautiful," Trainor wrote. "Happy First Father’s Day @darylsabara you are already an incredible father 4 months in! Our baby is so lucky to have you as a dad."

See all of the tributes, below.

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