By now, we all know Cardi B and her crew know how to throw a massive party for every special occasion. (Remember Kulture's past birthday parties?) On top of that, we all know Cardi B loves flexing the lavish lifestyle she leads on social media whenever she gets a chance. So it wasn't a surprise when the rapper went on an elevated stage at husband Offset's 30th birthday party in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday night (Dec. 21) to show off her grandiose gift for her rapping counterpart.

"So, babe, this is for you," the 29-year-old rap star announces on a mic. "I know you got a lot of business ventures coming in 2022. So let's go! Let's get it! Bring out the birthday gift!"

In a 45-second video shared by PopCrave on Twitter, the "WAP" rapper is seen whipping out a big cardboard check to give to her husband. "Two million dollars! Two million dollars! Two million dollars! Two million dollars! Two million dollars!" Cardi B shouts on repeat. The tone is similar to when Oprah Winfrey gave away cars on her show except its Cardi hyping up her own gift as she hands over a big piece of cardboard.

The celebrity couple is known for gifting each other luxurious presents for their birthdays, Valentine's Days, Christmas and other special occasions shared. From iced-out jewelry sets with 24 carat diamonds, extravagant dinners and luxury cars in the past, Cardi B's birthday gift to Offset may be the ultimate "shmoney" maker yet as it'll help the rapper's future in the long run.

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