If you live in Bangor and are wondering how you'll ever fit all of the remnants of Christmas morning into your one allotted trash bin, worry not: The City of Bangor recently sent word that they have a solution for all that; the week after Christmas, they're going to have an extra dumpster set up at their Public Works Facility.

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Bangor Public Works Director, Aaron Huotari, says starting Tuesday, January 3rd folks can bring in their holiday overflow to a specially designated dumpster at the Public Works facility located at 530 Main Avenue in Bangor.

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According to the City of Bangor's Holiday Waste Disposal Notice, it's important that you keep your paper and your cardboard separate, and that you only drop off things that are on the accepted list.


"We will have a dumpster for wrapping paper, bows, packing peanuts/foam, natural or artificial wreaths, plastic, etc.  There will be a separate dumpster for recycling cardboard only.  Please do not mix your cardboard with any other materials such as wrapping paper – these will contaminate the cardboard, making it difficult to recycle.  Regular household trash is not being accepted.  Household waste must be disposed of in your regular roadside bin."

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They will also have a spot to get rid of your Christmas Tree after the holidays. However,  if you have a wreath, you will need to put that out with your regular garbage.

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Drop-off hours are usually from 7:00 am through sunset, Monday through Sunday.

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