Does it make you sick to think about how much candy your kids are going to consume in the next couple of days?  Do you think about how to limit the amount of candy the kids will digest in a way that could be productive without too much grief from them?

Then, participate in a Halloween Candy Buy Back program!

In this program you would exchange your candy with a business, organization or community group (not just dentists) that participate as a sponsor in the program.  Once donated the candy will be sent to the program's HQ where candy will be sorted, boxed and shipped in care packages to soldiers overseas.

Typically, a business will sponsor $1 per pound of candy presented.  On average businesses can collect $500- that's a lot of money for your candy!  Businesses can also offer coupons, deals like a free meal or toothbrushes.

Halloween Candy Buy Back dot com has all the information that you would need to find a Buy Back program registered near you or to sponsor a drive yourself.  At the time of this article the closest Buy Back program was located at Evergreen Dental Associates in Augusta but please comment on our Facebook page if you know of any others.

If you just want to donate your candy you can donate to the organization or straight to their partners.  You can visit the website for more details on how to do that.

Check out this video about the program from ABC news:

It's a win/win: Soldiers get a little taste of home while you teach your kids the duty of selflessness while reducing the amount of sugar they will eat this Halloween!

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