The Maine Forest Service issued a press release last week temporarily suspending online issuing of burn permits for the State of Maine due to the dry conditions in the state.

The suspension was announced in response to multiple factors including heightened wildfire risk due to the dry conditions but also a decrease in available staff to tend to wildfires and increased fire activity throughout the state:

Maine is experiencing an abnormally high number of wildfires. To date, Forest Rangers have responded to 712 fires, representing 871 acres. This is the second-highest fire count in 10 years, and it's only June. So far, there has been a 170% increase in wildfires caused by campfires compared to 2019.

Mentioned in the press release, campfire permits are still available but, the Maine Forest Service have several tips for people to keep in mind when enjoying your campfire during these dry times in the state.

These tips are important to keep Maine a safe place during a dry season which include website resources to check local conditions, tips on the size of your fire to manage it easily, where to place your fire, and what to do when you put it out to ensure safety and caution when enjoying your campfire right now in the State of Maine.

Check out this list of campfire safety tips compiled by the Maine Forest Service that will keep you, the forest and others safe while enjoying the Maine outdoors.

Enjoy your campfire and do so safely!

Campfire Safety Tips from the Maine Fire Service

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