Calvin Harris has stayed mostly mum about his breakup with Taylor Swift — or rather, he's written stuff about it and then deleted it later, so it feels like he's stayed mum if you're barely paying attention. Unfortunately for the "This Is What You Came For" producer, the internet doesn't miss a thing, including his recent follow and comment activity on his Instagram.

As of yesterday (June 23), Calvin re-followed both Taylor and his previous ex Rita Ora on Instagram, though he has yet to do the same on Twitter. Perhaps he was in a "let bygones be bygones" type of mood? A series of now-deleted replies to fans' Instagram comments seem to suggest otherwise.

When a fan mentioned Calvin in one comment, writing, "I think if you have told people all the story about you and Taylor and what happened between you, they wouldn't have hated you," he — or someone logged into his account — actually replied.

Instagram, @CalvinHarris

"She controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse in my perspective."

Harris is hardly the first or 14th person to allege that Team Taylor keeps a marionette-like hold on media outlets (this Australian journalist claims to have firsthand experience), but he, or a crafty impersonator, had lots more to say.

When another fan suggested he was "jealous of Taylor now because she moved on and found a new boyfriend," Calvin shot back.

"Not jealous, sir, FREE," he replied, before circling back to user @nima-kd with, "bro I didn't leave anyone she's def not sad. It's all good bro."


As ET reports, another fan asked why he hates Taylor and once again he allegedly replied: "I don't at all." When another comment suggested Swifties may be defensive since she's been a role model to them for ten years, he reportedly replied, "in a decade they really should have grown up."

When another nosy/exasperated fan asked Calvin what Taylor had ever done to him, the reply from his account was simply, "you'll never know."

Head over to the Daily Mail for a full screenshot gallery of the deleted Instagram comments from Calvin Harris' account. A rep for Harris told ET the DJ-producer did not write the comments, but didn't offer an explanation for who did.

Later on June 22, Harris continued his flagrant display of I'm fine-ness on Snapchat, posting a video set to Jessie J's "Domino." In a reference to the "I'm feeling sexy and free" lyrics, he asked, "Who else is feeling sexy and free? I am!" ALL GOOD BRO!

It was admittedly a nice change-up from 80% of Calvin's Snapchat, which is constantly about his work out, body mass index and lean protein-laden meals. Did you see his intense "LEG DAAAAAY!" attempt at comedy series of snaps from June 22? It is...a lot.

But don't you worry about Calvin Harris, though! Seriously, don't, he might reply to your Instagram about it.

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