Father's Day
YouTube: Budweiser

Just in time for this Sunday's celebration of dads everywhere, Beer giant Budweiser has released an add that's got everybody feeling all the feels. It is a specific nod to "Step" dads, the men who step-up and love kids who are not biologically theirs, as their own, (regardless of that fact.) We're introduced to 3 such step-fathers and the adult children who they've spent their lives nurturing. We hear the perspective of the step-fathers and what their impression of parenting these individuals has been. And we hear from the grown-up kids and what their experiences with Step-Dads has been.

As someone who has been lucky enough to have a step-dad in my life, I could totally relate to many of the sentiments expressed in this spot. And of course, since all I have to do is look at someone with tears in their eyes, and my own starts leaking straight out of my face, once the raw emotions these men feel when talking about their kids hits, I'm just a gooey puddle.

It's a beautiful thing to honor these men, and I am glad Budweiser put this ad together. To all of those amazing men who put their kids and families before themselves, who guard and protect the innocence of children, whether they be their own, or through marriage, I join Budweiser in saluting you this weekend.

May the world be a better place because of the lessons you have helped teach the little minds and hearts you've been charged to take care of.

Happy Father's Day!

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