Reopening Maine

The last month has been huge for the state of Maine amid the global pandemic as venues have been given the green light to operate at full capacity, many places have gone mask-free for those who are vaccinated, bands are allowed to sing at bars, and patrons can finally dance off the last year.

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A Portland, Maine Staple

One Portland staple that has been around since 1961 is finally reopening their doors since shutting down in 2020 due to the lockdowns of COVID-19. The iconic club with a light-up dance floor, Bubba's Sulky Lounge.

Alcohol and Antiques

Walking into Bubba's for the first time is an eye-opener. It's unlike any bar or club in Portland. There are unique fun finds and antiques from floor to ceiling. You might think you stumbled into the wrong place if you didn't meet a bouncer at the door and see the first of two bars.

Dance Party

Beyond the entrance is the legendary light-up dance floor. For a place that's been around for decades, it's always a treat to see who's at Bubba's. From patrons who have been going for decades to those celebrating their 21st at a place, they've only heard stories about until now.

Bubba's is known for their regular theme nights. Fridays are reserved for the jams of the '80s and Saturday nights are for the '90s and today.


Today Bubba's announced they will be welcoming guests back for 80's night this Friday, June 11th. A long-awaited and welcome return for many.

If you can't make it this weekend make Bubba's one of your weekend stops this summer. Bubba's Sulky Lounge is one that must be experienced for every Mainer that enjoys a night out on the dance floor.

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