You know if you have kids how easy it is to build up a house full of old toys that kids have grown out of, the old high chair that is not needed anymore, the old clothes that barely got worn before the kiddo grew out of it.

Well, now is your chance to take part in a massive indoor yard sale being hosted by Brewer Parks and Recreation Department. The 'Spring Baby Fair' will take place Saturday, April 9th, and is looking for people who want to sell their gently used baby items. Anybody expecting or already have little people will be able to get in on some good deals and great finds, for sure.

The Facebook post announcing the event and calling all those wanting to participate was published on Monday. Details in the post let you know what kind of children's items are expected in this fair, including toys, furniture, clothes, and games.

There are some special items that we want to keep but we know that there is plenty more use that can come from outgrown clothes, boots, jackets, toys, and baby furniture that is just taking up space in the house. Here's your chance to declutter and rehome items that could be useful for another family.

Follow the 'Brewer Parks and Recreation Department' on Facebook to stay up-to-date with this event. And, if you are interested in reserving a spot, connect with Gerry Spencer in the main office at 989-5199.

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