The communities of Bangor and Brewer are lucky to have such beautiful paths along each side of the river.

As someone who has recently discovered (and become a big fan) of the Brewer River Walk, in particular. One of the best parts about that particular path, in my humble opinion, is how well it's set up for groups of people to walk along.

Each time I've had the pleasure to visit with my kids, I've appreciated how we can walk it as a family, and there's still plenty of room to share the space with other folks who are out enjoying a stroll, whether it be by themselves, in a group or with their dogs.

Brewer Riverwalk 1, Cori Skall
Brewer Riverwalk 1, Cori Skall

One thing I have noticed though, and it made me anxious each time I witnessed it, was when someone would speed by on a bike or skateboard. I was nervous that they'd hit a little kid or spook one of the dogs as they flew, causing a perfectly lovely walk along the water to end in a trip to the ER.

Legs in sneakers on a skateboard

The River Walk wasn't really designed for those methods of transport. And because of some near-misses on the path recently, the Brewer Police Department felt inspired to reiterate that sentiment, as well.

Close up image of a man on an electric scooter paying online

Brewer PD issued a reminder this week on their Facebook Page, warning folks that certain "vehicles" are not allowed on the River Walk.

"REMINDER: Motorized vehicles or other conveyances are not allowed on the waterfront trail. This includes electric bicycles, skateboards, and 'long-boards.' Recently Brewer PD has received and verified complaints about people riding electric skateboards, etc. at high rates of speed. There have been several recent near misses with walkers. Please remember to be courteous to others on the trail."

They went on to clarify that electric wheelchairs (it should go without saying, but they made sure to mention it anyway) are exempt from this, and more than welcome on the path. As are strollers.

The main idea the PD was hoping to convey was that they don't want folks traveling at high rates of speed in the path of folks trying to take a leisurely walk or jog.

We did reach out to Brewer PD to clarify if regular bikes and skateboards were allowed or if it was just the motorized types. We also wondered what, if any, repercussions would be doled out to individuals who failed to respect the rules.

We'll update the story when we hear back from the police.

Stroll Through These Photos Of The Brewer Riverwalk

The 1.1mile-long Brewer Riverwalk gives a vantage point to all three bridges that cross between Brewer and Bangor and the Bangor Waterfront. There's plenty of park benches along the way to sit and take in the sights.

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