Hunger in Maine is a constant battle for students, families and school districts. According to Feeding America, Maine has consistently seen a 4% to nearly 20% food insecurity rate from 2017 to 2019 in all counties, with northern counties seeing the highest food insecurity rates.

The pandemic has resulted in local schools offering free meals to students from national emergency status but there still lies a gap when it comes to snacks.

But one Brewer student wants to fill that gap.

According to ABC 7, Dorian Pillsbury, a 9-year old who attends Brewer Community School, wants to help his fellow classmates and was motivated to raise money when he would see his classmates without food for their snack breaks.

Dorian is taking action by putting on a fundraiser this Saturday to raise money to purchase snacks for fellow students at Brewer Community School. These students may have forgotten a snack or just may not be able to afford to have snacks that they can bring from home.

Dorian will be fundraising by setting up a cider stand at Tiller and Rye in Brewer this Saturday from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. to raise money for his project.  All money raised with Dorian's cider stand will go towards purchasing snacks for students.

Penobscot County, where Brewer Community School is located, is projected to see child hunger at 21%, that is one in five students hungry. This statistic is 9% higher than food insecurity rates from 2019. We are grateful that Dorian wants to help this great cause and you can help Dorian fill the gap this Saturday.

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