The Maine State Police barracks in Alfred got an extremely cool visitor today. Brett Holbrook, from Michigan, has been travelling all over New England this week as part of a journey he began in 2017. He's been going around to all the State Police headquarters in every state, according to a post on the Maine State Police Facebook page.

Brett has a lot trouble speaking, but has taken quite a shine to state police organizations. So with the help of his parents, they've been making ongoing trips around the country to bring Brett along to meet troopers all over. While in Maine today, Brett got to assist in a K9 tracking and evidence search, as well as raising state and national flags.

The coolest part, in my opinion, was not only did they have a special uniform for Brett, they also had a custom license plate made with his name on it, which he got to keep! The whole story warms my heart so much, it might just explode. Yes, in reality, I'm just a big softy.

But for real ... The Maine State Police deserve a huge shout-out for showing Brett such a good time. Sometimes the good that police do doesn't just revolve around catching bad guys. Sometimes it's about showing appreciation to those that idolize them as the good guys.

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