Grab your sweetheart and dance the night away right before Valentine's Day!

The Bangor Grande Hotel & Conference Center, located at 357 Odlin Road in Bangor, is the former Ramada Inn, where for many years was the number one destination for night life here in the area.

After The Bounty Tavern ended its run of 20+ years as Bangor's hottest dance club, another one came along, and also achieved legendary status here in town. Barnaby's was the place to be seen for well over a decade.

Affectionately known as "The Barnyard", if you were young and ready to dance and have a good time, it was the destination to cut loose on the weekends, but in September of 2013, they closed the doors, and focused on transitioning into a typical hotel lounge, which is now called Blue Sky Lounge

Recently they have been having Barnaby's throwback nights, and just in time for Valentine's Day, they are hosting an 80's themed night. So if you are looking to dance the night away with

Jam out to 80's hits from Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Whitney Houston and many other classic artists, on Saturday. February 11th, at 8pm, with DJ Bill Lyons

Dinner will be served 4pm-9pm in the dining room. The bar opens at 6pm. Package Deals available on Eventbrite

$5 Cover. Valid ID required. 21+ for dancing, DJ, and drinks. Individual dancing tickets only available at the door.

It's a Totally Tubular Back To The 80's party at Blue Sky Lounge in Bangor, on Saturday, February 11th!

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