Just in time for the weekend, Bissell Brothers Brewing will reopen their Milo taproom.

Bissell Brothers Brewing Three Rivers in Milo will be reopening their taproom Friday. After being closed for over a year due to COVID restrictions, the brewery says they will fully reopen April 9. The taproom will open for limited capacity indoor seating, and patio service. Seating will be first come first serve, with a waitlist if needed. Additionally, cash payments will be accepted again.

Bissell Brothers say: "Safety will still be top of mind and curbside will still be available, but after a year of being supported by you all in new and different ways we are excited to welcome you into our home once again."

Bissell Brothers Three Rivers opened back in 2018. The newest location is the home to Bissell's barrel aging project, which started back in January 2018. The brewery ages some of their beers in wood barrels. Bissell Brothers Three Rivers is located at 157 Elm Street, Milo.

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