Billie Eilish revealed that her new hairstyle wasn't intentional. Fans have been dubbing her new do a mullet.

The 17-year-old debuted her new hairstyle on Monday (November 4) at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles. Eilish donned black hair with bright green highlights at her roots, the roots were also cut much shorter than the rest of her hair length.

The "Bad Guy" singer spoke with TMZ on Tuesday (November 5) at Los Angeles International Airport about her mullet.

"Mullet?" Eilish questioned when asked about her new style. "What do you mean mullet?"

"That's so mean," she laughed. "No, listen, somebody dyed my hair and they burnt half of it off. But now it looks like a mullet but that s--t's not on purpose though."

Unfortunately for fans of her new do, it isn't here to stay. When asked to keep the hairstyle, Eilish replied that she doesn't plan to rock it for much longer.

"No, I'm growing that s--t out," she exclaimed.

Eilish is set to give her first awards show performance at the 2019 American Music Awards on November 24. Fans can tune in to watch it happen live on ABC at 8 PM ET.

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