Elle magazine came out with its list of Women In Music for 2019, and the 3 names on the top of the list will certainly be familiar to Z Listeners, as you can't listen to our station for more than half an hour without hearing one of their songs. 17-year-old Billie Eilish, 22-year old Camila Cabello and 31-year-old Lizzo have been chosen as Elle's cover girls for the "Women in Music" edition for this year, and as such, each one is featured on her own cover, with her own respective interview set within.

During the pieces, Eilish, Cabello and Lizzo speak very truthfully about their journey to fame, their battle with insecurities and mental health and how they each took those experiences and translated them into albums that are undeniably raw, personal and connect with their fans on a very real level. Elle claims it's that truth, and the encouragement and support, rather than typical female cattiness, that the artists exemplify, that has landed them the top spot on the magazine.

But the stars got to take a little break from their soul-bearing interviews and flashy photo shoots to play a fun game called "Song Association" with folks from Elle, each recording a little interview for their fans. So without further adieu...



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