A bill currently making its way through the State House would put an end to robocalls and calls that misrepresent their point of origin by disguising themselves with a Maine telephone number.

The bill, "An Act To Ban Telephone Solicitations Using an Artificial or Prerecorded Voice and Enhance Caller Identification," is sponsored by Sen. Justin Chenette, D-Saco.

The bill would prohibit telemarketers from using automated messages. It also would end the practice of disguising an out-of-state number by using Maine's 207 area code.

The relevant section of the bill states that "a person may not use an automated telephone calling device or an artificial or prerecorded voice to make solicitation calls to ... any residential telephone number within the State."

There would be exceptions to the "robocall" prohibition including calls that update consumers on the status of already purchased goods or services, or come from governmental agencies including school departments.

A public hearing on the bill is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 12 before the Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business Committee.

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