A big shot in the arm will mean some big changes for the Bangor International Airport thanks to some big money.

It was announced Thursday that the U.S. Department of Transportation has earmarked $14,200,000 for expansion and renovation projects at the airport. The money comes through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

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According to a press release put out by Sen. Susan Collins' office this week, the money will go towards a number of new upgrades including an expansion of the passenger security checkpoint and upgrades for older building utilities and ventilation systems.

"Construction of a connector between the two terminal buildings. By providing access to gates in both terminals, the connector will increase capacity and flexibility for air carriers, provide opportunities to boost flight service, and promote competition. Replacement of one ground-level boarding gate with a new gate and jet bridge, eliminating ground boarding operations to meet ADA requirements."

Bangor International Airport Director Tony Caruso said this renovation and expansion will not only mean a better facility and better customer experience for those who pass through its doors, "but also allow us to be better environmental stewards by improving the efficiency of aging utilities.”

There have also been renovations done to the airport hotel and restaurant just this year.

It was said that Collins had worked with a core group of 10 senators to make the negotiations for not only the airport but other historic investments in Maine’s airports, roads, bridges, and broadband.

Maine's 10 Busiest Commercial Airports

Maine's aviation connection is mostly considered two entities, the Portland Jetport and the Bangor International Airport.

These two facilities unquestionably handle the bulk of the commercial aviation in state. However, there are a number of smaller airports that also help ship people out of Maine.

Here is a look at the 10 busiest airports in Maine.

the information used comes from 2019 FAA statistics. This means these ridership numbers are from before the pandemic.

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