Rest assured, BPD is working hard to make sure no one rips off your holiday deliveries!

This is the time of the year when the USPS, UPS, and Fed-Ex, are busting their butts to make sure you get your packages. Unfortunately, that also means an uptick in the dreaded phenomenon of "porch pirates".

A few weeks ago, I was waiting for an important delivery, and based on the neighborhood I live in, I watched and tracked that thing like a hawk. Luckily, I was home all day on the date it was to arrive, so I pounced on it the second it hit my deck, Some people aren't so fortunate, and there has been an uptick of people looking to swipe your stuff.

Last year at this time, our good friends at the Bangor Police Department went on the offensive to tackle this annoying problem, head-on.

In his typical hilarious fashion, the comedy mind of Tim Cotton, wrote a very funny Facebook post about the situation, but also added some insight as to how they address this issue, and that should have you feeling a little more secure about not losing what is rightfully yours!

Cruisers will be out and about, making sure that no shenanigans go down.

One helpful tip, if your employer allows it, you can always have them delivered there. That way, you know it will arrive safe and sound. If you don't have that option, the Bangor Police Department is on the case.

Here are few videos that will give you some helpful tips to make you don’t get ripped off!

Happy Holidays!

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