So I've been in Maine for a year, and one of the first places that I went when I got here was up the road from my house in Cape Elizabeth is two lighthouses. The first lighthouse is someone's actual property.

It's decommissioned, and it's a part of someone's home now, which I think is pretty cool.

The second lighthouse is still active and sits right on the cliff above the landing, where I will go and meditate at the end of a long week to let the thoughts consume my mind.

Kwame Dankwa
Kwame Dankwa

People say, oh, it's a great landmark because there are two lighthouses. I call it a great place to go because no matter how many people are there, it's always peaceful.

And if you can check out the Two lights lobster Shack between May in October, the food is excellent, and you get a view. As someone who frequently loves to meditate and listen to the water's sounds and be one with their thoughts, I say two lights is where it's at.

What places have you found that are peaceful in Maine to meditate or do yoga or quietly workout? Maybe there are some places I should look into.


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