Belle Delphine sure knows her audience, and her entrepreneurial side is cashing in on it. The Instagram model recently began selling used "gamer girl bathwater" for $30 a jar, and it sold out in mere days.

"i am now selling my BATH WATER for all you THIRSTY gamer boys check out my new shop where im selling stuff for you!!" the 19-year-old racy cosplay model captioned a photo on Instagram. On Twitter, she advertised her new business venture as well, admitting she began bottling and selling her used bathwater because "this is what humanity has come to."

Three days later, her supplies sold out.

"So my bath water SOLD OUT wtf.... i will be making some more soon but its been honestly a weird couple of days taking SO many baths LMAO," she captioned a risque video of her in the bath. "i didnt expect this many people to be so interested, but if you wanted one...they will be back soon!"

The UK native first began posting on Instagram in September 2018 and has since amassed over 4 million followers. Clearly, this girl's a genius.

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