What kid wouldn't love to be a pirate for a day?

Well if you know a kid that would love the chance to wear an eye patch and did some swashbuckling, then this is their chance!

On August 21st, one business in Belfast is getting the kiddos ready to take over the town with a Pirate-takeover. The Back and Forth, which offers personal charter experiences in the Bay of Belfast, is taking on creating their own army of pirate kids to demand the town of Belfast from Mayor Eric Sanders or have ye pay a handsome loot!


Starting at 10 AM, wannabe pirates can come to the Belfast City Harbor Dock to see the docking of The Back and Forth and Milady as pirates come ashore with cannons booming and demanding the town from the Mayor. In the event that the Mayor says no <wink>, it'll be time to recruit the young ones for pirate school.

After the theatrical docking and take-over, the pirates will start training the soon-to-be pirates to take over the town by educating them on the piratical arts of map making, sword fighting, shanty singing, and plank walking.

Each student will get an eye-patch for taking part and help lead the charge to eventually get the Mayor of Belfast to choose between giving up the city or giving up the loot. Wannabe pirates are encouraged to dress the part and it should be a fun time for all, especially for those young ones who fancy themselves a pirate.

Check out the three-hour event 'The Back and Forth Pirate Take-over day' on Facebook to keep up with the event and good luck to all of those aspiring pirates out there and their town takeover.

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