Yesterday, we showed you pictures of the fire at 1st South Street and School Street in Bar Harbor on Thursday, July 29th. Here are details from Bar Harbor Fire Department Chief Matt Bartlett

Photo courtesy Dawna Burton
Photo Bethany Roberge
Photo Bethany Roberge
Photo Bethany Roberge

They were toned out at 2 p.m. to a 3-story wooden structure used for employee housing by Witham Family Hotels. When they arrived they found flames blowing out of the 3rd floor window.

2 firefighters took a line up the stairs and fought the fire internally while firefighters attacked the flames from the outside.

All together there were 25-30 firefighters involved. There were crews from Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, Southwest Harbor and Ellsworth on scene as well as Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service while Trenton staged at Somesville to cover the towns responding to Bar Harbor.

The fire was knocked down and mutual aid departments were released by 4:30 p.m.

The State Fire Marshal's Office was on scene Friday morning to investigate the cause of the fire.

Chief Bartlett said "That there wasn't greater damage was a testament of how well the Island Departments and Ellsworth work together in an emergency".


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