Bangor says 'Hi, Steve!', again, to one of our favorite Steves of all time!

Stephen King: Scott Eisen/Getty Images; Steve McKay: Video still from Bangor Daily News via YouTube
Stephen King: Scott Eisen/Getty Images; Steve McKay: Video still from Bangor Daily News via YouTube

No, not that Steve. The other Steve. Steve McKay!  He's back!

Bangor's weatherman through the '90s and '00s is back but, on a different station. No matter, we are glad he's back.

It was announced on the WABI-TV 5 Facebook page that WLBZ Channel 2 Meteorologist, Steve McKay, would be making appearances during the Labor Day weekend and beyond!

I grew up in the '90s with Steve on my TV and there's something about the timing of the pandemic strife, political discourse and social upheaval that makes Steve's entrance back on the Bangor local TV a much-needed relief during this "time of uncertainty."

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Steve had been a weatherman for WLBZ 2 since 1994. In 2016, it was announced that our longtime weatherman over at WLBZ Channel 2 was going to be leaving TV to move on in a vocation devoted to his faith, as a minister. Since then, you may have heard Steve on Star 97.7 or other outlets.

Listen, we love you, Todd. You know we do. But, Steve is a piece of nostalgia for Bangor-area viewers. We're glad to see you back, Steve, and we're happy to have you back in our homes with the next generation of Bangor area babes. What a powerhouse, huh?!

And, other Steve, we love you, too ;)

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