Bangor School Officials have opted to have students go remote for an additional day this week, as temperatures are predicted to still be in the 90's on Tuesday.

Parents with students in the Bangor School System got notice Sunday evening of the plan to have kids do their work from home. And Monday afternoon, another similar email detailing that students would remain remote Tuesday June 8th as well, followed suite.

"In typical times, a hot day would be accommodated in person. However, pandemic guidelines with rooms reaching high temperatures, has prompted the need for extra safety precautions. These two days are exceptions. In person learning will resume on Wednesday, June 9. "

With many Bangor school buildings not outfitted with air conditioning or great ventilation, the buildings would have been quite toasty, even during normal times. Add to that the Covid Virus and the need for things like masking, and Bangor School Department Interim Superintendent, Kathy Harris-Smedberg, says these decisions are ultimately made with the staff and students' well-being in mind.

"After visiting the schools and finding the rooms already at uncomfortable temperatures, I am concerned about the safety of our children and staff. Because we are not able to run fans, and students and staff need to continue to wear masks...This year has brought on unusual and unique circumstances requiring nontraditional decisions to keep our children safe."

Bangor Regional School does have air conditioning, and therefore will not need to go remote.

Harris-Smedberg closed her email with a reminder to all parents (and likely teachers, too) that the finish line for this school year is in sight.

The last day of classes for Bangor School students will be Monday June 14th.

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