For as much as some folks complain about the cold Maine winters, there's no where I'd rather be than right here. Because as much as the winter weather may be frigid, Maine hearts are some of the biggest and warmest around.

The greater Bangor community, for instance, has stepped up in support of it's youth. The Bangor School Department shared today that in the month of December alone (which mind you is not even half way over) it has received $20,000 in donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals. All the money is going towards programs to help students in our community.

The list of donors was read out loud at a recent School Committee meeting, and they posted to the Bangor School Department's Facebook Page. 

Some of the donations went to supplying students with important items like masks, coats, hats and mittens. Other dollars were spent buying lunches and meals for kids in need. And some of the money also went to buy Maine Discovery Museum Exploration Boxes, so that students could get some hands-on learning experiences.

When a community comes together to support their future generations, kids who have certainly been affected by everything 2020 has thrown our way this year, that's an investment everyone can benefit from.

Well done, Bangor. Well done.

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