If you live in Bangor and are wondering how you'll ever fit all of the remnants of Christmas morning into your one allotted trash bin, worry not. The City of Bangor recently sent word that they have a solution for all that; the week after Christmas, they're going to have an extra dumpster set up at their Public Works Facility.

According to the City of Bangor, ME-City Hall Facebook Page, residents will be able to throw extra trash associated with the holidays, such as wrapping paper, Christmas trees, cardboard and such into the extra dumpster that will be located at the Public Works location off of Maine Avenue.

"Bangor residents will have the opportunity to drop off excess wrapping paper, bows, boxes, and live Christmas trees (not the plastic & metal ones)... during daylight hours the week of 1/4/21 – 1/10/21...An attendant will be on duty to ensure other waste is not being dumped. Household garbage, bulky waste, demolition debris, and universal/electronic/hazardous waste will not be accepted."

Normal garbage such as household waste or demolition debris will still have to be disposed of in the usual manner. If you end up with more of this type of waste than you can fit into your bin, the folks at Public Works suggest either purchasing a second bin, or asking a neighbor who might have room in theirs, if you could toss your trash in that bin.

And just a heads up, so you can plan accordingly for this Christmas Week, if your trash/recycling is usually picked up on Fridays, it will be bumped to Saturday because of Friday's Christmas holiday.

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