This year really seems to be a year where we just can not be patient to start getting in the holiday spirit. And why not? We've been enduring a pandemic for well over a year and half where everybody has been affected by some kind of change in the process. Meanwhile, we see the changes happening for our friends and neighbors, it's tiring.

And because we are worn out from the many forces of stress and constant change, it's nice to just have a comforting, nostalgic and joy-filled time of year to bring us back down to ground level. This can bring a little respite and refocus our attention to the people we love and the community we live in.

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One thing that really brings in the holiday spirit is the sight of a holiday tree in West Market Square in Downtown Bangor.

A beautiful Balsam Fir was selected and now stands in Downtown Bangor, awaiting its lights and decorations for the holiday. Take a look at this year's beauty, cut from the rugged town of Levant and brought to Downtown for everybody to enjoy, posted on Facebook on Tuesday by the City of Bangor, Maine City Hall Facebook Page!

Bangor City Hall put up some pictures for us to check out this 35-foot beauty. For now, she will stand without lights or decorations. We'll have to wait until December 3rd for the lighting of the tree.

For now, we can enjoy this natural beauty in the middle of Downtown.

Check out the event for the tree lighting on Friday, December 3rd from 4 PM - 8 PM on Facebook 'Holiday Tree Lighting'.

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