Editor's note: In an earlier version of this story, the Bangor Police Department indicated that the cat belonged to the Charles Inn. In a subsequent post, the department clarified that it does not, and the hotel is a "cat free zone."

Snacks found himself on an outside ledge of the Charles Inn Tuesday afternoon. When the orange cat wouldn't come in off the ledge of the downtown building, Bangor Police Officer Shannon Davis used a ladder to retrieve him.

But, it seems Snacks wasn't impressed.

"Crisis Negotiators were consulted but made the determination that Snacks had the attitude of a Honey Badger," reads the Bangor Police Department's Facebook post. "Let's just say he did not care."

Of course Snacks is an orange cat. For those of you who have one, you know what we mean. They can be ornery.

All's well that ends well, though, as Officer Davis was able to bring the cat down from his perch.