Certain intersections around Bangor are becoming hazardous to drivers due to the placement of political signs according to police.

Bangor Police has offered advice to those who are placing political signage around Bangor roadways: "please use caution and consideration in placing campaign signs at intersections." Certain intersections are becoming dangerous to drivers as campaign signs are blocking their view of the roadway.

In a Facebook post, Bangor Police say "if complaints continue at certain locations, we will be forced to remove enough signs so that sunlight can actually reach the ground in that area." Any removed signs will be stored at the police station and available for pick up by the affiliated party.

According to the Maine DOT, signs can't be placed "in an area that will limit sight line of anyone trying to pull out of a side road or driveway. All signs that block a driver’s sight distance will be removed for the public’s safety."

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