Rising temperatures, it seems, pose a specific set of challenges for Bangor's police officers.

The Bangor Police Department took to Facebook Wednesday to remind people to keep their clothes on after two separate complaints of people allegedly exposing themselves in the city.

“Sure, we spend our winters covered up in wool and nylon, rubber and denim, and Carhartt and corduroy,” Bangor police wrote in the Facebook post. “But when summer comes and that little glass tube filled with mercury rises past 63 degrees-some Mainers decide to get naked.”

According to the post, police responded to a report of a naked couple in Coe Park.

“It’s what everyone wants to do on a summer day,” reads the post. “The two individuals were reported to be completely naked.”

Alas, the responding officer could not locate the couple.

In a second incident, “a man, wearing khaki shorts and an orange shirt had been seen flashing his landing gear around the area."

Police located the man, named Johnson no less, and advised him to cease the activity.

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