Lately, I've noticed an uptick in chatter online regarding folks in the Bangor area having their vehicles rifled through. Most of us think to lock our cars at night, but some of these incidents are taking place during broad daylight.

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Just today, the Bangor Police Department came out with information saying they have had no less than 9 reports of car burglaries in the area in and around Capehart.

Sgt. Wade Betters of the BPD says the police do have a couple of ring videos that captured some of the incidents in question. But as you will see, between the dark hoodie and the mask, it's difficult to identify the person in question.

"We encourage all residents to make sure they lock the vehicle doors, and report suspicious persons by calling dispatch at 947-7384. We are currently trying to identify the person seen in the attached videos.  Anyone with information on the person(s) responsible is encouraged to notify the Bangor Police Department."

One could also leave an anonymous tip by calling that same number listed, and pushing option 3.

Some other things to remember when trying to keep your car and belongings safe:

If you leave something in your car, try not to leave it in plain sight.

Never leave valuables or paperwork with personal information like birthdates, social security number or even your vehicle's title in the car.

Along with locking your doors, make sure all windows are secured.

And it's always a good idea to check the hatch back or rear door to make sure that's locked, too.

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