Bangor Parks and Recreation is looking to hire some people who like the idea of playing at work, while helping to guide school kids.

I think this would be such a cool job, working as a counselor in the Bangor Parks and Rec before-and-after-school programs. Literally, you'd be getting paid to play with the kids and keep them amused, while their moms and dads work. Okay, there's a little more to it than that, but that's definitely the best part of the job.

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Counselors will be responsible for leading and supervising games, activities, and crafts that are engaging to kids. In addition to leading activities, counselors are also responsible for providing a safe and fun environment for kids, grades Kindergarten through 5. Bangor Parks and Rec can be flexible about your schedule so that you can still meet your education goals. So, if you're a college student who needs some extra money (are there any that don't need extra money?), this could be the perfect job for you.

When you get together with your friends and they ask what you did at work today, you can answer with things like, 'ran a relay race,' or 'taught kids how to make paper airplanes.' Obviously, a love of kids is a must for this job and an enthusiasm for creative play is a plus. It might just be the most fun you'll ever have while getting paid.

If you're interested, fill out an application online or send your resume to

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