The City of Bangor’s Holiday Tree is coming to West Market Square tomorrow, Tuesday the 22nd.

For years and years, the tree becomes the focal point and the highlight of downtown Bangor.

No doubt, nothing will change this year.

And the selection of the tree every year is also a nice side story. For over 25 years, Dan Sprague has searched for the perfect tree. And not just for the past couple of days. This is a year-round chore for Dan.

This year the tree comes from the City of Bangor. It is a 35-foot spruce.

David McElvain, owner of Hartt’s Electric in Levant will help with the tree, donating his time and equipment, as he has done for years.

Public Works employees will secure the tree and string the lights.

It’s really a community project.

And sometimes the story of the actual tree is from someone you know in the community. Here is the story and history of last year’s tree.

Courtesy John Ashman
Courtesy John Ashman

The Holiday Tree is a treasured institution in the City of Bangor

Said City Council Chair Rick Fournier:

The raising of the tree signals the unofficial start of our holiday season. This will bring people back together in our downtown district where they will have countless opportunities for shopping, eating, viewing the lights, and snapping the perfect selfie to share on social media.

Let the season begin.

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