There's nothing nicer, as the chill starts to develop in the air, than to cuddle up into a warm, snuggly blanket. As humans, we love to do this. But did you know, that even animals love to do this?! Dogs and cats and other little critters are big fans of burrowing into big blankets and creating little cozy caves within the fabric.

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The key part to creating that cozy comes by way of blankets, and that's just what the Bangor Humane society is hoping you'll donate. They put the word out this week on their Facebook page, that they were looking for donations of blankets for the animals at the shelter.

"We need blankets. For our dogs. And cats. And other furry friends. Can you help? As you're preparing for the indoor coziness that fall will bring, maybe you've purchased some new blankets and need to get rid of your old ones? Well, we can help take them off your hands! You can drop them off anytime at 693 Mt. Hope Ave. in Bangor."

They appreciate the when folks want to help, and have even put together a Bangor Humane Society Amazon Wish List, so that people know what specific things the organization could use help restocking.

The post also mentioned they were hoping to get some help collecting wet food for kittens.

Another way you can help is by joining the upcoming 28th Annual Paws On Parade effort, that's set to take place Saturday October 2nd. You can register or donate to that right here.

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