Bangor High School has moved to remote learning this week, after a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Interim School Superintendent Kathy Harris-Smedberg says the decision was made to shut the school down to classes for the week of November 9th to the 13th, while it undergoes a deep cleaning. It has not been revealed whether the affected person is a student, a teacher, or a member of the staff. All other schools within the Bangor School System will continue as usual, with in-person, hybrid, or remote options.

United Technology Center in Bangor posted on the school department's Facebook page that Monday's classes for Bangor High School students would be held remotely. There's no word yet on whether students will be allowed to attend Friday's UTC class.

Everyone connected to Bangor High School is being encouraged to take precautions to avoid the spread of the virus, including wearing a face mask, physically distancing from others, washing hands often, and disinfecting surfaces that they touch. Anyone who starts experiencing symptoms should contact their health care provider.

An email went out to parents last week that someone connected to the Bangor school system had been exposed to another person who was positive for COVID-19. At that point, administrators decided to continue on as usual in the affected schools. The affected person had contact with individuals at Bangor High School, Fruit Street School, William S. Cohen School, and Abraham Lincoln School.

Parents are encouraged to continue doing health checks on themselves and their children before school each day. Any student who has a fever or is showing symptoms of being sick should stay home from school.

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