Both Bangor hospitals and two doctors are being sued by the family of an elderly man who died in a snowblower accident.

Herbert Pelletier, 86, of Milford, was struck in the abdomen by the handle of a snowblower in 2017. He died several days later of a ruptured spleen. Now his son, Gary Pelletier of Eddington, has filed a suit against Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital, alleging that his father was not properly diagnosed and that the delayed treatment led to his death.

At first, the elder Pelletier didn't suffer any major discomfort, but after six days, he called his primary physician, who advised him to go to the emergency room. He made two trips to St. Joseph's Hospital and, on the second visit, was then transferred to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, where he later died.

Also named in the lawsuit are two medical providers. Paul Ouellette is a physician's assistant at St. Joseph Hospital and Dr. Khaldoun Bekdache is with Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Suzanne Spruce, a spokesperson for Northern Light told the BDN that the hospital stands behind its doctors who provide "high-quality care." She offered condolences to the Pelletier family.

A spokesperson for St. Joseph's Hospital had not offered any comment.

So far a trial date has not been set.

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