Just in case you haven’t heard the Bangor tree lighting ceremony is a week from Friday, Dec. 3. You know the Christmas Tree lighting, but it’s officially called the Holiday Tree.

Here’s all the information you need to know for that event.

Do you ever wonder where the tree comes from?

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Here is that information. This tree is one of “Uncle Jimmy’s Trees.”

Here’s Jimmy on the Kabota with the family planting the tree.

Courtesy Kathy King Picken

Uncle Jimmy was Jim McPhearson, Kathy King Pickens’ husband. Jim had cancer. And 18 days before passing away, he planted 5 trees at their place in Levant. All the kids called those trees, “Uncle Jimmy’s Trees.”

A few days ago, one of those trees was cut down and is this year's Bangor Holiday Tree.

Courtesy John Ashman
John Ashman

It will be decorated and ready to go for Friday the 3rd.

Dan Sprague is the one who picks out the tree to be cut and used as the ‘official’ Bangor tree. His nephew David McElvain lives on the same road as the five trees were planted on, and he has been driving past those trees for the past 15 years. And he’s the one who cuts down the tree and has it delivered to West Market Square.

Courtesy John Ashman

Uncle Jimmy’s sister-in-law Laurie King Ashman and brother-in-law John Ashman took the photos and video and Laurie's sister Kathy shared them with us.

Kathy talked to us about the circle of life and the importance of family

“Those trees were planted and grew just like a family. And the family welcomed a grandson named after Uncle Jim recently”


“Our family is honored that one of Uncle Jimmy’s trees is being used this year, especially after such a trying year.”

That’s the story about this year’s tree. When you see it, hopefully, you’ll realize the importance of family and community. And you’ll think of Uncle Jimmy and what he decided to do for all of us.

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