As the close of the school year draws near, many students across Maine are wrapping up their final projects to be reviewed, before the summer hits. For Bangor High School Senior, Erin McCarthy, this means unveiling a piece of art she's been working on for quite some time.

Inspired by an assignment she had in a ceramics course at the Bangor High, McCarthy also got some ideas from anamorphic art, which can take many shapes and forms, depending on which way one looks at it.

According to the Bangor High School Facebook Page:

"Erin McCarthy presents her Art Capstone project. "REALITY" is an anamorphic piece of art that changes based on your viewpoint of the piece."

Comprised of 7 individual tiles, from one perspective, the piece looks like a colorful, swirly face. From another, it's actually a bunch of staggered pieces which all feature a letter, that spell out "Reality."

Bangor High School's Website explains that students enrolled in the Humanities Academy Program through the high school spend 2 years working on their Capstone Projects.

"The BHS Humanities Academy is a program option within Bangor High School open to all enrolled students.  The BHS Humanities Academy curriculum is designed to purposefully and directly align course content over the four-year classroom experience with the students’ progression through seminar style courses, advanced curriculum in at least two of the three key Humanities departments (English, History, World Language), extension activities which engage students in learning about the human experience, and independent research culminating in a final capstone project."

Well done, Erin McCarthy!


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