Get some napkins and some wet naps! The Bangor area has a new food truck in town that could get you messy at mealtime.

Blue Smoke BBQ is the latest food truck to hit the scene here in the Bangor area. They provide Texas-style barbecue made within a 'hand-made, oversized stick burner'.

Their menu consists of pulled pork, turkey, and brisket sandwiches, ribs, and sides like coleslaw, potato salad, smoked beans, and smoked mac and cheese.

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Yesterday was opening day for the food truck, which was parked up in Old Town on Stillwater Avenue. People were so excited about the food truck that they sold out rather quickly. They did offer pre-orders before the big day, which was taken through Facebook messaging.

Blue smoke is an integral aspect of the idea of the food truck where food is cooked over a stick burner. The term 'blue smoke' is actually referenced as a visual cue of how clean a fire is burning. That's very clever.

If you missed opening day or didn't get a chance to try out the grub before they sold out, you can visit them next Wednesday at the same location at 783 Stillwater Avenue in Old Town from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Keep up-to-date with the latest food truck on the scene on Facebook by following their Facebook page 'Ask Blue Smoke BBQ - Maine LLC'.

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