A family of ducks was reunited yesterday by the quick actions of the Bangor Fire Department, after a passerby noticed them in a storm drain.

It sounds like a story out of one of my granddaughter's story books. A woman named Anne Small was driving on Stillwater Avenue on Sunday morning, when she noticed a duck looking down a storm drain. Upon further inspection, Anne noticed several ducklings that were stuck down the drain with their mother unable to get to them. So she pulled out her cellphone and called the Bangor Police Department. They are experts on ducks after all, being the caretakers of the Duck of Justice!

The PD dispatcher sent out Public Works and a Fire Engine to rescue the baby ducks. When firefighters arrived, they found that BPW employee Ron Allen had already removed the cover from the drain, and Anne had counted the ducklings. (there were six)

Things happened quickly after the BFD arrived. Firefighter Doug Holland rescued the ducklings in one single swoop. As he climbed out of the hole, Firefighter Timothy Witham and Lieutenant Andrew Emery went duck calling, because the mother had wandered away. She replied (to the two men or to her chirping ducklings? We may never know), the family was reunited, and they swam off together into the Penjajawoc Stream.

You have to love a happy ending!