Can’t imagine everyone hasn’t already heard the forecast for both today and tomorrow. It’s going to be as cold, or colder than it has been in years.

Maybe the only ones who haven’t heard that frigid Friday frightful news are those who most need to hear it.

Those who wander the streets of Bangor, seemingly 24 hours a day.

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We could all reflect for a minute that we might not welcome wind chills of 40 below for today and tomorrow, but if you are reading this my guess is you have a warm home to stay in, or at least a home that is warmer than being outside. And that you are like me and if we have to go out, we go out into our cars with the heat on.

But the City of Bangor has reacted and compiled a list of shelters and temporary shelters to get those who have no place to go, a place to go.

Here is the list provided by the City of Bangor

Expanded Services at On-going Warming Centers:

Bangor Area Homeless Shelter, 263 Main Street, 947-0092

Hours: 6pm-7am

Type: Open to everyone 18+; “wet”

Other Information: meals


Brick Church Warming Center, 126 Union Street, 989-5401

Hours: Friday 8am – Monday 6am

Type: Open to everyone 18+; “wet”

Other Information: meals, showers, clothing


Mansion Church Warming Center, 96 Center Street, 249-9154

Hours: 6pm-7am

Type: Open to everyone 18+; “wet”

Other Information: meals, shower; no daytime accessibility


Shaw House, 136 Union Street, 941-2874 x 3

Hours: 24/7

Type: Open to anyone under 21;

Other Information: meals, showers, clothing


The Well (formerly Jericho Road), 146 Center Street, 990-1711

Hours: 7am - 6pm

Type: Open to everyone 18+; “wet”

Other Information: meals, shower and laundry; no nighttime accessibility.


Additional Warming Centers:

Hope House, 179 Corporate Drive, 217-6713 ext. 1

Hours: 24/7 Thursday - Sunday

Type: Open to everyone 18+; “wet”

Other Information: meals, snacks; a van will be available to transport individuals to warming centers if maximum capacity is reached.


Bangor Area Recovery Network, 142 Center Street, BREWER, 564-4444

Hours: Friday 6pm – Saturday

Type: Open to everyone;

Other Information: Refreshments, activities, breakfast


Together Place, 2 Second Street, 941-2897

Hours: Friday 8am – 4pm, Saturday 6am – 5pm

Type: Open to everyone;

Other Information: Food, activities


Unitarian Universalist Church/Needlepoint Sanctuary, 120 Park Street, 505-1510

Hours: Thursday 6pm – Sunday

Type: Open to everyone;

Other Information: Food


Other Indoor Locations:

Bangor Public Library, 145 Harlow Street

Hours: Friday 10am – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 5pm


Health Equity Alliance, 304 Hancock Street Suite 3B

Hours: Friday 10am – 5pm  

Extreme Cold and Wind Chill Safety:

The National Weather Service anticipates frost bite may occur in less than five minutes on bare skin Friday night and Saturday morning. Whenever possible remain inside.  If outside, wear loose-fitting layers, hats, mittens, mouth coverings, and water repellant outerwear

Good luck. And for today and tomorrow it might be a neighborly thing to check on neighbors, especially the elderly.

And if you need emergency personnel to make a welfare check on someone, call 947-7382

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