Four years ago, Bangor Escape Rooms opened on Hammond St. in Bangor. Their mission: to help build teamwork and provide an entertainment-based, puzzle-solving experience for folks young and old. Bangor Escape Rooms has been a unique spot for folks in Eastern Maine to come and spend an hour unlocking riddles and mysteries with the hope of "escaping" the room they've been locked in.

But now this Bangor based business is getting ready to close it's doors for good.  According to a statement shared on Bangor Escape Rooms' Facebook Page, the owners expressed their need to pursue other career opportunities and that they plan to close their doors for good at the end of November.

"We are open to selling if anyone is interested in keeping the business going. Our landlord is awesome to work with and our customers are so much fun! 😃 If you’re interested in buying a turnkey, fun and established business, send us a message!"

Like many businesses in Maine, Bangor Escape Rooms had to close their doors when the Covid-19 pandemic his the U.S. in March. They did get creative and offer some free online Puzzle Hunts in collaboration with Escape Rooms of New England, in October. But they weren't  able to reopen their doors to in-person puzzle solvers till early July. And even then, they had restrictions on party size and masking requirements in common spaces.

They advise anyone who may have a gift certificate to come and redeem it before December 1st.

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