It takes a pretty brazen or perhaps naive (there are other words we could use, but this is the kindest) individual to vandalize a police cruiser while it's parked at a police station.

Police cruiser, Bangor Police Department
Police cruiser, Bangor Police Department

But there's always one in the crowd. And this one decided to show off its less-than-impressive arts skills and vocabulary by using a Bangor Police Department Cruiser as a canvas.

According to Sgt. Wade Betters of the Bangor Police Department, the incident took place over the weekend, while the cruiser was parked at the Bangor Police Department headquarters, at 240 Main Street.

"Yeah… over the weekend (likely Sat night/) one of our cruisers got a new paint job. We have a pretty good idea of who is responsible, but no charges yet."

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The suspect left the slang term "Pig" on the side of this cruiser. They also opted to send a bit of a message, while also showing their hand, by following up one slang term with another specific message. The F12 is in reference to a police drug unit, and what the culprit wishes that unit would do to itself.

The smiley face was an interesting touch, to be sure.

What the vandal may or may not have known is that the parking lot, as anyone with common sense would suspect, is definitely covered by video cameras. So we're guessing the fine folks at the BPD won't even have to break a sweat cracking this caper.

Do you think that's why they added the smiley face? Because they knew they were on camera? Perhaps the officers from Bangor PD will get a chance to ask the suspect in person when they catch up with them.

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