Following last week's storm, which not only knocked out power across the state, but knocked down trees all over the place, there are many who are still trying to clean up the mess! For folks in the Bangor area, the damage from the last storm actually prompted the city to move up the Public Works Brush Collection by a week, in order to help in the clean-up effort! So if you have and brush that you want to have collected, the city says to have it curbside by this Tuesday morning!

According to the City of Bangor's Facebook Page, while they are also in the process of still collecting leaves, Public Works crews will also be collecting downed limbs, stumps and twigs that might not get sucked up by the leaf trucks. But they ask that you follow a few guidelines:

"Please do not pile brush on top of your leaf piles. Your brush piles need to be separate from leaves. Public Works crews are still collecting leaf piles as well, but use separate equipment for those. Please place brush parallel to the curb away from low-hanging wires and rubbish/recycling containers."

While the leaf crews with make a few passes by city streets, the brush collectors will only be my once. If you can't get to the brush till after this Tuesday, you can always dispose of brush at the Bangor Public Works site on Maine Avenue. You will need a permit, but for Bangor residents, you can get one free of charge right at the Public Works building. They're open every day of the week during daylight hours.

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