Do you have a little one that has out grown their current car seat and now you are searching for the next step up for their car riding safety?

Target is continuing their car seat trade-in event from years past and has even expanded the items you can buy with your coupon.

How it works is you take your current carseat (unneeded, expired, whatever) that your little one has outgrown, bring it in to guest services and pick up your coupon for a discounted price on your purchase for your next car seat.

This year, they've expanded the discount to not just new car seats, booster seats and the like but also other items including play yards and bouncers!

What can be traded in:

  • infant seats
  • convertible seats
  • car seat bases
  • harness or booster car seats
  • car seats that are expired
  • car seats that are damaged.

What can be purchased with 20% off coupon:

  • new car seat
  • car seat base
  • travel system
  • stroller
  • play yards
  • high chairs
  • swings
  • rockers
  • bouncers

Trade-ins are happening now at our Bangor Target store, who is participating in the event.  You can come drop off your car seat off now until September 22nd  Your discount is good through October 6th.

Here's a plus- for each car seat you drop off you receive a 20% discount so for all those moms and dads with a car seat for every vehicle, you'll get a discount for each car seat you need replaced.

On their website, Target states that the car seats they receive will be recycled to "create new products like pallets and plastic buckets, as well as construction materials like steel beams and carpet padding."

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