Living in Maine means we Mainers have to take lots of preventions in avoiding ice and snow from damaging our homes. It's easier and more cost effective to prevent the issues of leaking than having to pay to make repairs.

Let's go to an organization that is all about this helpful homeowners info,

Recommendations to avoid ice dams from developing really focus on keeping the roof warm from underneath and cleared off on the top.  Some of this takes a little maintenance but it's better than having an unsafe house to live in or to pay a contractor to fix your house in the middle of January.

Avoid Ice Dams

How easily ice and snow comes off of your roof will help in the prevention of creating ice dams so, it is important to keep gutters, downspouts and drains free of debris, such as leaves, sticks and branches. These things can impede the flow of melting ice and snow, which can create ice dams on your roof.

Another area to be aware of is your open attic. Heat sources would serve well directly under the roof to melt any built up ice and snow, which will prevent the back up of ice that causes leaking in your roof.

Another attic addition would be adding insulation so that the airflow is minimal, which means insulating vents or sealing the drafty places in your attic.

For all of the suggestions to help prevent costly ice dam damage to your roof, visit and check out the 'Protect Your Home From Ice Dams' page.

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