Note to self: It's probably not the best idea to borrow a cop car if you have to make a grocery run.

A 27-year-old transient from Augusta is being held on bail at the Kennebec County Jail after taking a police cruiser for a joyride.

Deputy Chief Kevin D. Lully with the Augusta Police Department said that around 1:30 Saturday afternoon, an Officer from the Augusta Police Department "was at the police station taking a report in the lobby..."

Lully went on to explain that when that same Officer went outside to return to his marked police cruiser, it was no longer where he had left it.

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Conveniently, where he was already at the police station, he did not have to go far to report it missing. That's when multiple other officers sprang into action to help their colleague find his ride.

"With the use of the cruiser's GPS tracker, our Dispatch was able to confirm the stolen cruiser was at the Shaw’s Plaza, Augusta. Upon arriving at the Shaw’s Plaza, Officers identified the sole occupant of the police cruiser as Kyle King. King was taken into custody without incident, and the police cruiser was recovered and returned to the police department."

King is being held on $300 cash bail.

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I spent the entire day with Augusta Police Officer, Brad Chase and it left me feeling empowered.

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